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Monday, April 18, 2011 12:53Posted by: Coree Francisco
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For years now social media networks have shown us a new method of getting a single message to many people as possible, yet still businesses are not getting on board. Is it how we sell it? Possibly. I see it a little more simple. No one wants to change any method that has proven results. Companies want to think that these methods will still maintain business and in some cases they are right.


The one to many relationship is nothing new to business people in terms of marketing a message, this is why we still have conferences and events where one person or a few speak to many and end up empowering each to do more in their own practice. No matter how powerful the message, it still takes ONE person to close a deal not many….this is what companies generally think.

The problem.

It’s not proven that social media marketing will ever take less time to do, or that it will require less resources and publish less content over time allowing a business to grow based on the efforts put in. It also does not connect those who ‘Like’ your brand to buying actual product or seeking services of your brand due from social awareness.

Even today I continue to have the same conversations with directors of marketing, CEO’s and partners in companies who are just not embracing the power of social media marketing, and in a way I can understand.

With print, you spend time creating, designing, and managing items into various magazines, billboards, mailers etc and then you get back into other things and wait to see how they worked. Problem, do they really work? Well who knows, you still get business in the door right? Then there is the thought of sales people. Why have sales people in an organization if social media marketing can do the trick? Well it can’t and you still do.

With social media, it needs to be managed daily. You plan for what’s ahead and post always. Then you also need to evaluate how well or not so well you did in the links you sent out with other sources of analytic data to prove to the company that people know who you are, like you and are spending time with your brand.

But who is BUYING your product or seeking your SERVICES due to social media marketing?

This is the gaping hole that is still not being defined all that clearly. Many companies, including Girlone Interactive, can set up a great Facebook page for you, help create content, build up a following who will help market you but what about the REAL brand ambassadors who are actually investing in your brand?

I know that location based social media tactics come in even lower on an implementation scale for most brands than social, but I need to say THIS IS THE MISSING PIECE!

Over the next few weeks I am going to tell you WHY this medium is more powerful than we all think, and how it can help tie everything together by using all of your social media marketing efforts and help translate them into dollars.

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