The Independant Game Jam – TIGJam May 29-30, 2010

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2850506110_39ef425fd7The 1st ever TIGJam has surfaced in Winnipeg  and will be running this weekend. The way it works is basically a bunch of game developers get together, bring their laptops and work on whatever project they feel like.

New projects will be born, long-lasting friendships will be formed, skills will be gained – epic leveling-up! – and little or no sleep will be had…

It’s just sort of awesome.

Several international game devs are flying in to help with the mind meld this weekend including:

Yes, Bring!
- Laptop (conserve space)
- Good Pair of Headphones (so you can get in the zone)
- Working Work flow (engine/tools set up ‘n ready to go)
- Your Game Development Skills (code, art, design, music, etc!)

No, Do Not Bring!
- Bad Vibes
- A Huge Setup

These indie folks from out of town have booked travel already:
Adam Saltsman – Canabalt, Paper Moon
Kyle Pulver – depict1, Snapshot, Verge, Time Lapse Jam
Greg Wohlwend – 4fourths
Matthew Wegner – Off-Road Velociraptor Safari, Minotaur China Shop
Shawn White – Blush, Time Donkey
Mark Johns – stdBits, Owl Country, Das Cube
Eric McQuiggan

Local Manitobans Signed Up:
Robin Debreuil – Video Profile
Marlon Wiebe
Tom Rab
Eileen Holowka
Chrissy Chubala
James Swirsky
Noel Berry
Evan Harasem
Dylan Fries
Chris Lobay
Kenley Kristofferson

For more info and discussion: Visit the TIGForums

Head to the TIGJam Winnipeg sign up sheet to register.

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