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With so much great things going on in the city it is hard to keep up to everything, so we have tried to help by posting some cool events we know about that we will also be at. If you have others you want to post become a contributor and post your event in our Community area OR email us at to be included on the list.

global_13549844The next Secret Handshake is set for 6pm September 30th @ The Lo Pub

For more details and to become part of this group visit their meetup website @
Follow on Twitter also: #secrethandshake @4letterw0rd @f1xedgear

nmm-logo Shred your Business Expenses – Ways for new media entrepreneurs to access federal funding that is becoming increasingly more popular in Manitoba.

Alongside Apple and Adobe certifications, NMM offers a whole list of educational events to help support this industry.

For more information on NMM and the long list of Events and training visit their website @

Winnipeg Girl Geek Dinners

The next Girl Geek Dinner is set for 6pm November 9th at Eat! Bistro

Girl Geek Dinners started in 2005 in London as a way for Girl Geeks (and their invited male friends) to get together, learn and talk about technology.

For more information and updated details on this event, check out their website @

logo_webbyawards_mdThe 15th Annual Webby Awards for the best Internet content, be it film, video, interactive or mobile-based media.

The early entry deadline is October 29, 2010.

For more information visit the website @

DNWlogo2IronRuby & .NET: A Match made in heaven

September 21 2010 Р@ the 17th Floor Richardson Building - One Lombard Place

For more information visit the website @ and Click to Attend @

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